Examples Of Work Injury Claims For Delivery Driver Accidents

In this guide, we provide information on making an accident at work claim following delivery driver accidents caused by an employer breaching their duty of care. Even though much of their work is done on the road, delivery drivers are owed the same duty of care as other employees in the workplace. As we move through this guide, we discuss the legislation that sets out an employer’s duty of care and the responsibilities they have with regard to their employees safety and well being. Additionally, we look at when it could be possible to begin a personal injury claim following a breach of this duty and the evidence you could gather to support your case.

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Examples Of Claims For Delivery Driver Accidents

Later in our guide, we share examples of how an accident involving a delivery driver could occur and the workplace injuries that they could sustain. You can also find an illustrative case study that demonstrates the steps that could be taken as part of the personal injury claims process. 

Furthermore, we outline how accident at work compensation payouts are calculated and how they aim to address the different ways you were affected by your injuries, including the pain and suffering you experienced as well as any financial losses incurred as a result.

Finally, our guide provides guidance on the services a solicitor from our panel could offer and the No Win No Fee terms under which they’re offered.

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Examples Of Work Injury Claims For Delivery Driver Accidents

Before a delivery driver heads out on their route, either they or another worker will load up the vehicle. The driver will then travel to their destinations before unloading the vehicle on route. Employers owe a duty of care to employees, including delivery drivers, regardless of whether they are on the premises or not.

Under Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, employers must take all reasonably practicable steps to prevent employees from being injured while working. Some examples of the ways in which they can uphold their duty of care includes providing adequate training, such as manual handling training, and performing risk assessments regularly and putting measures in place to address the risk of injury posed by any known hazards.

If you suffered an injury on the job because an employer failed to uphold this duty, you might wonder whether you could pursue a claim for personal injury compensation. In order to have valid grounds to pursue your personal injury claim, it must meet these eligibility criteria:

  • Your employer owed you a duty of care in the place and at the time the accident occurred.
  • A breach of this duty occurred.
  • You suffered physical and/or mental harm in an accident as a result of the breach.

Check How Long You Have To Claim For An Accident In The Workplace

A personal injury claim must begin within three years of the accident in which you sustained an injury due to the time limit established by The Limitation Act 1980However, a certain number of exceptions can affect the time limitation.

You can find out further information about time limits by speaking to one of our advisors. They can also offer further information on the eligibility criteria for claims for delivery driver accidents. 

What Delivery Driver Accidents And Injuries Could You Claim For?

There are several ways delivery driver accidents could occur. For example:

  • Your employer failed to provide you with any manual handling training, including the correct lifting techniques to use when loading or unloading a vehicle. As a result, you suffered a soft tissue injury to your back or neck. 
  • The delivery vehicle may have been loaded by another worker incorrectly because they weren’t provided with training on how to do so safely. As such, when you open the doors, items topple out and fall on you causing you to sustain a head injury leading to brain damage.
  • The shelving used to store items in the delivery vehicle is coming loose but isn’t fixed despite being reported to your employer. As a result, the shelving falls on you while you are retrieving items from the vehicle causing you to sustain fractured or broken bones or crush injuries.

Case Study – Delivery Driver Being Injured At Work

The following case study is figurative and has been provided as a way to provide you with an overview of the steps you can take to seek personal injury compensation.

Mr. Moss, a delivery driver, was injured when unloading a lorry because of faulty equipment. Ratchet straps were used to keep the heavy boxes secure. However, these were worn and damaged and hadn’t been replaced, despite Mr. Moss making his employer aware. 

As a result, when Mr. Moss went to get his first delivery out of the lorry one of the straps suddenly snapped, and a large box fell, pinning him down. This caused him to sustain fractures to both legs, and a moderate head injury. 

After seeking legal advice, Mr. Moss decided to take legal action against his employer. His solicitor assisted him in gathering evidence to support his case and put forward all correspondence on his behalf within the relevant time limit.

Mr. Moss succeeded with his claim and received a settlement comprising compensation for the pain and suffering he experienced, the impact of his injuries on his quality of life, and the financial losses incurred as a result.

For further information on accident at work claims for delivery driver accidents and to discuss your specific case, please contact an advisor on the number above.

Proving Your Claim For A Delivery Driver Accident Against Your Employer

Compensation claims for delivery driver accidents require relevant evidence to prove employer liability and the injuries you sustained. As such, you could benefit from gathering the following:

  • Video footage. This could be from CCTV or a personal device, showing the accident and its cause.
  • Photographs of the accident scene and visible injuries.
  • A copy of your workplace’s accident log book.
  • Witness contact details. 
  • Medical records, such as scans and other test results, as well as doctor or hospital reports.

If you have a valid claim, you could instruct a solicitor from our panel to assist you through the evidence-gathering process. They can also present this evidence within the relevant time limit for workplace accident claims.

For further guidance on how a solicitor could assist you, please get in touch with an advisor on the number above. 

What Could You Be Compensated For After A Delivery Driver Accident?

If you make a successful accident at work claim, you will receive a settlement comprising up to two heads of loss. One head of loss compensates you for the physical pain and mental suffering brought on by the injuries you sustained in an accident. This is known as general damages.

When legal professionals calculate the value of injuries, they could use resources such as medical evidence and the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG) to help them. The JCG contains a list of guideline valuation brackets that correspond to different injuries at different levels of severity. 

Compensation Table

We have used figures from the JCG to create the table below. It should be noted that this table is only a guide. The outcome of a personal injury claim will vary depending on the facts of the case.

Head Moderately Severe £219,070 to £282,010 A very serious disability that leads to substantial dependence on others and means the person requires constant professional care.
Moderate (iii) £43,060 to £90,720 Concentration and memory are affected. There is a small risk of epilepsy and the ability to work decreases.
Back Severe (i) £91,090 to £160,980 Cases of the most serious injuries, featuring spinal cord and nerve root damage and causing a combination of serious issues, such as severe pain and disability with incomplete paralysis.
Moderate (i) £27,760 to £38,780 A wide variety of injuries are covered by this bracket. An example is a lumbar vertebrae crush or compression fracture with constant pain or discomfort and substantial risk of osteoarthritis.
Neck Severe (i) Around £148,330 Incomplete paraplegia or permanent spastic quadriparesis related to a neck injury.
Leg Severe (i) £96,250 to £135,920 Injuries that don’t involve amputation but that are so severe they are awarded damages at a similar level, such as fractures that haven’t united and extensive bone grafting has been needed.
Hand Total or Effective Loss of One Hand £96,160 to £109,650 An example injury is a crushed hand which is then surgically amputated.
Serious Damage to Both Hands £55,820 to £84,570 Injuries lead to permanent cosmetic disability and a significant loss of function.
Arm Injuries Resulting in Permanent and Substantial Disablement £39,170 to £59,860 A permanent residual cosmetic or functional disability emerging due to serious fractures to one or both forearms.

Damages For Losses And Expenses

You could also receive special damages within your settlement. This is the second head of loss compensating for the financial losses incurred due to the injuries you sustained. This includes, for example:

Find out more about how compensation for injuries sustained in delivery driver accidents is calculated by calling the number above.

Get Help Starting Your Accident At Work Claim As A Delivery Driver On A No Win No Fee Basis

If you have a valid claim, you might be eligible to instruct a solicitor from our panel to represent you. They have experience handling claims for delivery driver accidents and injuries and can offer their services under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), which is a form of No Win No Fee contract.

Under a CFA, there are no upfront payments for your solicitor to begin working on your case or fees to be paid for their ongoing work on your case as it proceeds. Also, if the claim has a failed outcome, you won’t have any fees to pay for the work they have completed on your case.

Should you win and be awarded compensation, the solicitor would take a small percentage as their success fee. Moreover, their percentage would be discussed with you in advance and capped in accordance with The Conditional Fee Agreements Order 2013

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