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      Our no risk guarantee

      A no win no fee arrangement is the contract between you and your personal injury lawyer.

      If your lawyer wins the claim, you pay them.

      • Typically, this is up to 25% of the compensation secured.
      • This figure can vary slightly either way depending on the claim circumstances.
      • It will only be deducted when your compensation is paid.
      • There are no upfront costs and no hidden charges.

      If you don’t win your claim, you pay nothing to anyone.

      • Your lawyer may need to arrange insurance for you to ensure claiming is risk free.
      • You’ll never be left out of pocket – that’s our guarantee.

      Always remember that if you fail to cooperate with your lawyer, you may have to pay termination fees which will be calculated with reference to the time spend on your claim.

      When it comes to claiming compensation, at UK Law you will find all the information and resources that you need to make an informed choice. We look at how personal injury claims work, when our panel of solicitors could help you, and check how long you have in which to claim compensation.

      Remember, UK Law are here to make the process of claiming compensation as easy and streamlined as possible. The solicitors on our panel have helped people across the UK to successfully claim compensation and you could be next.

      At UK Law we also know that things don’t just end with getting compensation. Our team will also strive to guide you through the legal processes whilst helping to support you at a difficult time. Our aim is that you make the best possible recovery and are awarded the best compensation settlement we are able to secure.

      You can find out more about the different types of circumstances in which you could make a personal injury claim or public accident claim by clicking on the different categories of accident in the menu to the right of this page.

      What Is A Personal Injury?

      Throughout this site you will see the term ‘personal injury’ used quite a lot to describe different circumstances or in relation to accident claims being made. But, what is a ‘personal injury’, what is the UK law definition of a personal injury and is there a personal injury claims time limit?

      When you see sites such as ours use phrases such as personal injury or personal injury law, we are using these are terms to describe an injury (or an illness) which was caused by a third party, often through negligence. A common example of an injury may be whiplash caused by a wreckless driver colliding with your vehicle.

      Personal injury law simply refers to laws and pieces of legislation which relate to conferring responsibility or liability on a person who caused an accident. For example, different pieces of health and safety legislation require employers to keep those working for them safe.

      If you have been affected by and hurt in an accident which was not your fault our team of UK Lawyers could help you claim compensation. Don’t worry if you are not sure if your circumstances fit into a personal injury claim, contact our team to see if you are eligible.

      Road Traffic Accident Claims

      Have you been injured in a road accident, traffic accident or car accident either in the UK or whilst abroad? If you were injured as a result, such as suffering whiplash, and could show that another person caused the accident, the team at UK Law could help you to claim compensation.

      It is not just those driving a vehicle or riding a motorbike or bicycle who could claim for injuries caused by traffic accidents. Passengers in a private vehicle or on public transport, pedestrians crossing the road and even innocent bystanders on the pavement could all be caught up in a road accident. Being involved in a car accident or other vehicle accident could cause you anything from quite minor through to very serious forms of injury.

      Our friendly panel of Lawyers and solicitors are on hand to discuss your case.

      Accident At Work Claims

      Have you been injured in the workplace? Was someone else such as your employer or a colleague to blame? Did they act negligently or did your employer breach their duty of care to you? If so, you could be able to make an accident at work claim.

      Working environments can be very busy places and there are numerous different accidents at work which could occur or injuries which could be sustained if correct health and safety procedures are not followed.

      The UK Law team are experienced at handling all kinds of accident at work compensation claims, these are just a few of those which may be more common:

      • Accidents in warehouses and factories.
      • Accidents in the building and construction industry.
      • Accidents involving work vehicles.
      • Accidents in and around the office.
      • Accidents and injuries caused by defective equipment.
      • Slips and falls in the workplace.

      Slips And Falls Claims

      Slips, trips and falls may seem like innocuous types of accidents, after all, we have all slipped over at some time. But, they can lead to serious injuries with a lasting impact in some cases. If your slip or fall was caused by another person, a UK lawyer or solicitor may be able to help you in seeking compensation.

      Slips and falls which lead to devastating injuries could happen in almost any environment. In fact, they are the single most common type of work accident in the UK. A loose paving tile in the street or damaged flooring in a shop could cause you to trip up. If your employer has left hazards about a workplace you could trip up. You could even slip over in a coffee shop if a spillage has not been attended to quickly enough.

      The key criteria knitting these types of claim together is that the circumstances which caused your injury could have been avoided if the party responsible had acted to rectify the problem or to clearly signpost it, thus avoiding your slip, trip or fall.

      Accident In A Public Places Claims

      The team at UK Law could help you to claim for an accident which happened in a public place if it could be shown that someone was to blame for it taking place. When we look at accidents in public places and public accident claims, we are potentially referring to any circumstances where someone was harmed in an avoidable accident which happened in a place they could enter as a member of the public.

      Given the scope for the places where this type of accident could take place and the ways in which it could be caused, there are numerous claims for accidents in public places made each year in the UK.

      If your injury happened because someone had not met their duty of care to the public, such as failing to ensure that a retailer was safe for people to enter, you could be able to claim compensation from the party or organisation responsible. In the case of some public accident claims, such as accidents in the street, the party responsible may even be the local authority.

      Industrial Disease Claims

      Industrial diseases may be illnesses or physical conditions which could be caused by exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace or by unsafe working practices. Illnesses may include asbestosis or cancers whilst physical conditions may include Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome or Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

      In the case of some industrial disease claims, you may be claiming compensation for very serious or potentially even fatal illnesses. An example of this could be making an industrial disease claim for terminal mesothelioma caused by historical exposure to asbestos in the workplace.

      Employers must by law make sure that all their employees and those visiting their premises are able to do so safe and free from illness or harm. If as a result of poor working practice you have contracted an industrial disease, you could claim compensation.

      Talk to an industrial disease solicitor today for further advice. They can show how you could still claim compensation even if you no longer work for the same employer, or if the exposure happened many years ago. You will just need to show that you became aware of the industrial disease in the last three years as this is the personal injury claims time limit.

      Medical Negligence Claims

      Medical negligence claims deal with what may be one of the widest set of circumstances in which an accident may take place. Similarly, there is also a very wide range of different injuries and effects which people could suffer.

      The simplest definition of when you could make a medical negligence claim is when you have been harmed as a direct result of the negligent medical care you received. Whilst certain medical procedures or medications could have harmful side effects, if you were harmed because the person treating you did not act correctly, failed to make a correct diagnosis or failed to recommend the right treatment, you may have the basis of a claim.

      Please get in touch with our advisors today to learn more about when and whether you could make a medical negligence claim.

      Criminal Injury Compensation Claims

      If you have been the victim of a violent crime such as common assault, assault, sexual abuse, or other forms of violence our team understand that this may be a traumatic time in which you could feel upset, alone and vulnerable. You may have been harmed physically, be subjected to psychological abuse or have been sexually abused.

      We are on hand to discuss in confidence what has happened to you. We are also here to explain how you could be financially compensated as the victim of a criminal act or as someone who has witnessed a family member be attacked.

      Holiday Accident Claims

      Have you been injured or become sick due to an accident which was not your fault whilst on holiday in the UK or abroad? Were you injured at an airport or struck on the head by falling baggage from an aircraft locker? Did you trip or fall at your hotel due to lack of maintenance? If so, you could claim compensation. If you booked your holiday or flights with a company based in or operating from the UK, we could help you to start a claim for compensation.

      Our panel of personal injury solicitors could help you claim for:

      • Aeroplane or airport accidents.
      • Train accidents and injuries.
      • Cruise ship illnesses or injuries.
      • Ski holiday accidents
      • Package holiday accidents or illnesses.
      • Hire car accidents caused by a faulty vehicle.
      • Accidents in a hotel or at a resort.
      • Accidents in public places.

      You may have been travelling by yourself, on a business trip or on the family holiday of a lifetime when you were struck with injury or illness out of your control.

      Housing Disrepair Claims

      If you find that your rented property or accommodation deteriorates and your landlord does not carry out the necessary repairs, it could be a distressing situation. You may find that if your living conditions have deteriorated, your quality of life may also deteriorate.

      As a tenant renting in the private sector, from a housing association or local authority, your landlord is obliged to maintain your property and ensure that it is kept in a good state of repair. If they do not do so, you could be able to make a claim against them for housing disrepair. A property which has been allowed to fall into disrepair could lead to your being injured, your personal property being damaged by conditions such as damp, or you could contract a related illness.

      You can find out more about your landlords obligations to maintain your home in the Landlord and Tenant Act, 1985.

      Find a solicitor

      Finding a solicitor to handle your personal injury claim could feel a bit overwhelming. Even in your local area there may be several different solicitors, lawyers or law firms, all who say they could handle your claim. When it comes to finding a solicitor we think that instead of looking for a personal injury solicitor from your local area, you should look at who is best placed to handle your case.

      Who has the best experience and track record handling this type of case? What services might they offer and what do people who they have helped in the past think of them? To find someone fully qualified and experienced to handle your case all you need to do is to pick up the phone or open an email and contact UK Law.

      How Will My Claim Be Handled?

      UK Law will take several steps when handling your personal injury claim. These steps help us and you to know how your claim is progressing.

      The Initial Consultation

      The first step if often to have an initial confidential consultation with a member of the UK Law team. We will ask you questions about what illness or injury you have and how it was caused. consultation, our team could see if you could claim compensation under relevant accident and injury laws. At this point, we could let you know if a No Win No Fee solicitor could help you to claim compensation.

      Finding The Party Who Caused Your Injury

      Next, if we are able to help you, we will move on to contacting the party responsible for the accident in which you were hurt or who caused your illness. Depending on your circumstances, we may request interim payments to help with medical or care costs. Any interim payments will be counted as part of the total compensation paid.

      Collecting Evidence

      There are lots of different pieces of evidence which may help to prove your claim. We could help collecting witness statements, CCTV footage or medical evidence. At this time we may also request that your injuries be assessed by a doctor. This is so we can see how your illness or your injury has and will impact your health. We can also see what treatment you may need and get an overall long-term prognosis.

      Obtaining A Settlement

      Taking the information we have on how you were injured, what injury was caused and what the prognosis for your health is as a result, we shall then use a personal injury claims calculator to estimate how much personal injury compensation you may be eligible to claim.


      Whether involved in a road accident a work accident, or any other accident which was not your fault, if you are thinking about making a claim with a personal injury solicitor you may still have lots of questions. Whilst the UK Law team are here to answer your questions related to injury law, we answer some common questions below.

      How Much Could I Claim?

      This is perhaps one of the most common questions that people ask early on in their claim. There are higher and lower recommendations for compensation. These are used by personal injury calculators and UK lawyers. As each claim is different we can not say how much you could claim until we have details of your injury and any financial costs.

      Talk to a UK lawyer today to see how much compensation you could claim.

      What Could I Be Compensated For?

      what additional costs or expenses you faced because of the accident in which you were injured and the injury you suffered. Factors which may affect how much you could claim may include:

      • Any expenses related to your injury. This may include medical expenses.
      • Lost income or earnings or changes to your ability to work.
      • Pain or suffering related to your injury.

      Your personal injury lawyer will discuss with you all the ways in which you could have been affected by the injury and avenues for compensation you could take.

      How Much Time Do I Have To Make A Claim?

      Under different pieces of accident in the UK law you may find that you have different amounts of time in which to claim compensation. For example. If you were the victim of a violent crime there is generally a two year time limit in which to claim compensation. In other cases as a victim of a road accident, in UK law you would generally have three years in which to claim compensation.

      To help you see how long you have in which to claim compensation we have included this handy table.

      Type of claim / type of accidentTime left to make a claim
      Criminal injury claims2 years
      General accidents and injuries3 years
      Injuries or accidents affecting childrenUnlimited to the age of 18, three years after this.
      Fatal injury or illness claims made after the victims death.3 years for a relative in which to claim.
      If the victim is being treated under the under the Mental Health Act of 1983.3 years from the date of discharge.

      Discuss how long you have in which to claim compensation with a UK Lawyer from our team.

      About Us

      UK Law help people from across the country to claim compensation when they have been injured in an accident which was not their fault. We are here to help you from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Our team is made up of experts who have years of experience in helping people to make compensation claims.

      We work with people who need to make a variety of different personal injury claims. We promise to listen to you and to fully understand what has happened to you before discussing your legal options. We shall then take you through how our team could help you.

      Our Team

      When you contact us you will be in contact with an expert legal team who are fully experienced in helping people to make personal injury claims. Our panel of solicitors are professional and friendly. They will make sure that they take the time necessary to get to know you and to fully understand the different ways in which you have been affected.

      If they are able to help you, you will benefit from their expert knowledge of UK law. They may specialise in a specific area of law, such as being a medical negligence lawyer, or handle personal injury claims in general.

      No Win No Fee Solicitors

      Our team could work with you on a no win no fee basis. This type of claim may also be called a conditional fee agreement. It is a way in which you could fund a compensation case without worrying about how you could do so. You will not need to think about legal costs as there will be nothing to pay until you have won your compensation claim.

      Contact us to discuss in more detail what a no win no fee claim means for you.

      Contact Us

      You can speak to a member of our injury law team in strict confidence by phoning on 020 3870 4868 Or, you could fill in the claim online form on this page. You could also click ‘call me back‘ above to request a call back. Our office is open to take your queries and calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week.