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When on a train, or any other public transport, we naturally expect to have a safe and efficient journey. Unfortunately, accidents on trains can happen. All train operators owe their passengers a duty of care to keep them reasonably safe. If the train operator breaches their duty of care and a rail passenger is injured as a result, they could possibly be eligible to claim compensation for which a train accident lawyer could help.

In this guide, we discuss what a train accident lawyer can actually do to help you if you have an eligible personal injury compensation claim after an accident on a train. We also look at instances of how an accident can happen on a train or in a space where a train operator is responsible.

Then, we reveal some statistics on train accidents in the UK and what train accidents have occurred recently. 

As you continue through this guide, you will learn about No Win No Fee agreements and how you could connect with a specialist train accident lawyer from our panel.

Our panel will be able to give you free legal advice and help you throughout the train accident claims process. To see whether you have a valid compensation claim for a train accident, contact us today by:

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How Could A Train Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Here is what a train accident lawyer can do to help you greatly:

  • Gather evidence to prove your case, such as gathering your medical records. 
  • Send legal documents and correspondence on your behalf. 
  • Instruct an independent medical expert on your behalf. 
  • Help you navigate through the pre-action protocols.
  • Help you navigate through court proceedings if your case does go to court. 
  • Ensure that your compensation is fairly valued. 
  • Explain legal terminology. 
  • Update you throughout the case. 
  • Ensure that your claim is submitted within the limitation period and in full. 

By instructing a solicitor or lawyer to represent you in your train accident compensation claim, you can focus on recovering from your injury while they can do most of the legal work for you. 

Does A Train Accident Lawyer Work On A No Win No Fee basis?

Train accident lawyers from our panel can work on a No Win No Fee basis with their claimants. In particular, our panel can offer a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). 

How can a CFA benefit you if you are a claimant? Because with a CFA, you will not pay your solicitor unless your case is successful, and then it is only a limited percentage of your compensation. This means no upfront fees are needed to pay your solicitor, none while the case is in progress, and this also applies if the case is not successful. 

Your solicitor can deduct a small success fee instead if you have a successful case. Success fees are a percentage of your compensation, legally capped to ensure the claimant always walks away with the majority award. 

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Do I Have To Use A Train Accident Lawyer Near Me?

Finding personal injury lawyers ‘near me’ is a concern for a lot of claimants. Working with a lawyer that is local to you can make in-person meetings easier. There also may be some local train accident lawyers who were recommended to you by friends, colleagues, or neighbours. 

However, you do not have to use a lawyer near you to start a train accident claim. Most of the communication between you and the lawyer can be done online, over the phone and handled remotely. For instance, key documents are usually sent over email and your lawyer can set up video and phone calls with you. 

The most vital thing you need to ensure when selecting a train accident lawyer is that they are experts in the specific type of claim that you are looking to make. You want a lawyer who has worked on train accident claims before. Have they been well-reviewed by past clients? Can you trust that they will represent your case well and have extensive knowledge in that field?

Talk to our team today to learn more about how an experienced train accident lawyer from our panel could help you claim compensation. 

What Train Accidents And Injuries Could I Claim Compensation For?

Numerous types of train accidents have the potential to happen if the train operator breaches their duty of care. Here are just some examples:

  • Slips, trips and falls. For instance, if the floors have been mopped on a train, but the train operator failed to ensure that wet floor signs were displayed, then someone could slip and fall and sustain a fractured bone or even a head injury
  • Defective equipment and facilities. For instance, a seat on a train could be broken but the train operator has not repaired the seat promptly. You could cut yourself if you sit in that seat. 
  • Scalds and burns. For instance, you get a hot drink from the train’s trolley catering service. However, the lid to the cup was not put on correctly, meaning the hot drink spilt all over you as you went to drink it. You suffer scalds as a result. 

Talk to us today about your specific train accident and its causation. You could be entitled to claim compensation, and you can find out for free with us. bb

What Are The Most Common Train Accidents In The UK?

Data from The Office of Rail and Road 2020-2021 shows that there were 10 passenger fatalities. On the mainline, there were five fatalities at level crossings involving the public.

Also, between 2020-2021, 2,042 passengers and members of the public were either injured on trains or in stations. 414 were severe, that required being taken to hospital. 1,628 non-severe injuries to passengers and members of the public occurred in stations or on trains that did not require hospitalisation. 

We have made a table showing what types of accidents caused these severe injuries in stations. This data was also taken from The Office of Rail and Road Rail Safety 2020-2021 document. 

Accident type Number of severe injuries (2020-2021)
Slips, trips and falls 258
Platform edge incidents 83
Contact with object 19
Assault and abuse 16
Other  1
Total 376

As you can see, the majority of severe injuries between 2020-2021 in stations were caused by slips, trips and falls. 

Can A Train Accident Lawyer From Our Panel Help You?

If you have a chat with one of our advisors, they will be able to connect you with a train accident lawyer from our panel if you have a valid train accident case. A lawyer from our panel can then offer you a CFA and help you through each step of the claims process.

Here is how you can contact us about claiming compensation:

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Resources On Public Transport Accident Claims

Here are some guides of ours on public transport accident claims:

If you have been injured on a train, these websites might help you:

Thank you for reading our guide on when you could potentially claim compensation with a train accident lawyer. Our panel of lawyers will push their hardest to fight your case and give you the best legal guidance.