Fractured And Broken Jaw Injury Compensation

By Danielle Fletcher. Last Updated 18th January 2023. Welcome to our guide on broken jaw compensation. Have you suffered a broken or fractured jaw injury that wasn’t your fault? If so, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. In this guide, we look at how broken jaw injury compensation claims work. How jaw

broken jaw compensation

fractured jaw compensation

injuries can be diagnosed and why they could occur is also examined.

We also look at the treatment options available for this type of injury. We can also advise on how to get specialist advice if you want to claim compensation for a jaw injury.

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Broken Jaw – Can I Claim?

You could be eligible to claim broken jaw compensation if you suffered such an injury due to a breach of duty of care. This could be at work, on the roads, or in a public place. In addition, you may have suffered unnecessarily due to the misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of a fractured jaw, which could be medical negligence. We examine this later in this guide.

You will need to prove that it was a breach of the duty of care owed to you that caused your broken jaw in order to make a valid claim. As part of the personal injury claim process, you will need to gather evidence. This will vary depending on the circumstances that caused your injury.

Examples of evidence that could support a claim include:

  • Medical records. This could include treatment details as well as X-rays that prove the injury.
  • This could be CCTV, mobile phone, or dashcam footage.
  • Witness contact details. Any witnesses can be contacted for a statement.
  • Accident logbook if your injury happened at work.

If you have any questions about supporting evidence, call our advisors. They offer free legal advice to help your personal injury claim.

Can I claim compensation for a broken jaw on behalf of a child?

If a child suffers a broken jaw due to an accident, you could potentially claim compensation on their behalf. Like with cases involving adults, it will need to be proven that negligence by someone else caused the accident and injury.

Children cannot claim compensation for injuries on their own behalf. This is not possible until they reach the age of 18. However, a claim can be started on a child’s behalf by a representative called a litigation friend. This representative could be someone who is close to the child, such as a parent or guardian.

Can I Claim Fractured Jaw Compensation If I Was At Fault?

It’s still possible to claim broken jaw compensation if the accident that caused the injury was partially your fault. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll receive a full payout if this is the case. Split liability is when both you and a third party act negligently.

You could still deserve to be compensated for your broken jaw in these instances. But a calculation will be made to decide what percentage of the full amount you’re actually entitled to.

For example, if your injury is worth £10,000 but your broken jaw was not entirely the defendant’s fault, it’s unlikely that you’ll be awarded 100% of this amount. The two parties will usually come to an agreement as to how to split the liability. If this can’t be agreed upon, the case may go to court and a judge will make a ruling as to how liable you were in the accident.

If you were deemed to be 50% liable for your injuries, you would be awarded £5,000 instead of the full amount of £10,000. If you were deemed to be 30% responsible, then you would only receive £3,000 in broken jaw compensation in this instance. And so on.

So, if you feel like your own negligence contributed to your injuries, don’t feel like you’re completely ineligible to receive fractured jaw compensation. It’s possible that you could still make a claim.

Time limits for claiming compensation for a broken jaw 

In many circumstances, there is a time limit for when you can start a compensation claim for a broken jaw injury caused by an accident. This time limit is typically 3 years from the date the accident took place.

There can be exceptions to this time limit, depending on how the injury occurred. Circumstances surrounding the person with the injury can also change the time limit.

For example, if someone under the age of 18 suffers a broken jaw in an accident, then the three-year time limit for claiming is frozen for that person. The time limit will only start from the person’s 18th birthday.

If someone who suffers a broken jaw injury lacks the mental capacity to claim on their own behalf, the three-year time limit is also frozen in this circumstance. The time limit will activate if the injured person later recovers enough mental capacity that they can reasonably start a claim on their own. A litigation friend can potentially start an injury claim on behalf of someone who currently lacks the mental capacity to act on their own behalf.

What Is A Fractured Or Broken Jaw Injury?

The jaw features a pair of bones that form the framework of the mouth. If one or both of these bones gets damaged, then it is considered fractured or broken.

A jaw bone fracture can occur due to direct force or trauma to the jawbone. If the jawbone is fractured, then the injury should receive immediate medical attention. If left untreated, a fractured jaw can possibly lead to bleeding and/or breathing difficulties.

What is a dislocated jaw?

A dislocated jaw is a different injury compared to having a fractured/broken jaw. Basically, a dislocated jaw is when the lower jawbone has moved out of its usual position.

This can happen if the joints which connect the lower jawbone to the skull become broken. To treat this injury properly, a medical expert needs to manipulate the dislocated jaw back into its correct position. Doing so will allow the jaw to heal properly.

The same kind of incidents that can cause a jaw to be fractured can also potentially lead to dislocation.

Jaw Anatomy Explained

The human jaw is made up of bones, muscles and joints which all work together to allow people to bite, chew and handle food. There are different parts of the jaw that you may hear or read about while receiving treatment for a jaw injury or making a claim on this type of injury.

Parts that make up the jaw include the following:

  • Alveolar Process – The thickened ridge in the upper jaw bone which holds the upper teeth
  • Jaw Muscle – Attaches either side to the face and passes into the neck
  • Mandible – The lower jaw bone
  • Maxilla – The upper jaw bone
  • Ramus – The name for the part of the mandible to the sides and back of the lower jaw
  • Temporomandibular – The joints which connect the lower jawbone to the skull (also known as the chewing joints)

How Does A Jaw Get Broken Or Fractured?

There are numerous types of incidents that can cause a jaw to become broken or fractured. Potential causes for this type of injury can include the following:

  • A slip, trip or fall in which you land on your face or collide with an object
  • Physical assault, such as being punched in the face
  • Road traffic accident, such as in head-on collisions or instances when the car you’re in rolls
  • Sports-related injury
  • Workplace/industrial accident, such as a heavy object striking you

If you’ve been injured in any of these ways through no fault of your own, you could be entitled to compensation. Get in touch with our personal injury claims team on the number at the top of this page to learn more.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Broken Jaw?

Having a broken jaw can cause numerous painful symptoms. The symptoms can include the following:

  • Bleeding inside the mouth
  • Facial shape abnormalities (such as lumps)
  • Limited movement of the jaw
  • Loosened or missing teeth
  • Numbness in the gums and jaw area
  • Pain or tenderness when chewing or speaking
  • Swelling or bruising of the jaw

Broken Jaw Compensation – How Much Could I Receive?

Compensation for a broken jaw will depend on different factors, such as:

  • The severity of your injury
  • Your prognosis for recovery
  • The impact on your quality of life

How your injury has developed and how it is affecting you will be assessed against two heads of claim to reach an amount for compensation.

The first head is general damages, which is compensation for the pain and distress of your injury. To show you how this could be awarded for a broken jaw, we have included the mouth and facial injuries listed in the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG) in a table below – the figures come from the 2022 edition of the JCG, which is commonly used to assess compensation in claims. The brackets are calculated using previous court case payouts.

Injury Severity Compensation
Face Injury – Scarring (a) Very Severe £29,780 to £97,330
Face Injury – Scarring (b) Less Severe £17,960 to £48,420
Face Injury – Scarring (d) Less Significant £3,950 to £13,740
Fracture of Jaws (i) Very serious multiple fractures £30,490 to £45,540
Fracture of Jaws (ii) A serious fracture £17,960 to £30,490
Fracture of Jaws (iii) A simple fracture £6,460 to
Damage to Teeth (i) Loss of or serious damage to several front teeth £8,730 to
Damage to Teeth (ii) Loss of or serious damage to two front teeth £4,350 to
Damage to Teeth (iii) Loss of or serious damage to one front tooth £2,200 to

Damage to Teeth (iv) Loss of or serious damage to back teeth (per tooth) £1,090 to

The second head is special damages, which will look at the financial impact of your injury. For example, if you had been unable to work, or your injury had left you requiring care, you could claim back your monetary losses under special damages. You should maintain receipts and records of the financial impact of your fractured jaw.

If you are looking for a direct estimate for compensation for your broken jaw, please reach out to one of our advisers.

Slip, Trip And Fall Broken Jaw Injuries

A broken jaw injury can potentially occur as a result of a slip, trip or fall. These types of accidents can happen pretty much anywhere, including potentially your workplace or in a public area.

For instance, you could trip on a raised paving stone or kerb and fall onto your face. You might slip over on some spilt liquid or food in a supermarket and hit your head against some shelving. The same situations could arise in a workplace setting too.

If you do slip, trip or fall and suffer a broken jaw as a result, you may be entitled to compensation. Provided that someone else was to blame for your accident and that person owed you a duty of care, then you’re more likely to have a strong case for claiming.

If the accident happened at work, it’s possible that you could claim compensation from your employer if they failed in their duty of care. Alternatively, if you experienced your injury in a public place, then the company responsible for that area could be found to have breached their duty of care.

So if you’ve been injured following a slip, trip or fall, get in touch with our team to learn more about your right to claim compensation.

Criminal Assault Broken Jaw Injuries

If you’ve been assaulted in a criminal act, then a broken jaw could be one of your potential injuries. This can occur as a result of a punch, kick or being hit with a heavy object. If this applies to you, then you could make a broken jaw assault claim. Injuries caused by criminal acts are normally claimed through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Your solicitor could submit a claim to the CICA for an assault you suffered within two years of the date it occurred. You will also need to have reported the crime to the police and obtain a crime reference number from them. 

A claim could be made for a broken jaw caused by other types of violent crime. This could include GBH, for instance. Assault claims for broken jaws or other injuries usually operate a little differently from standard personal injury claims. We can help you with these too. Just get in touch to find out more.

Road Traffic Accident Broken Jaw Injuries

Road traffic accidents (RTA) can possibly cause you to suffer a broken jaw. If you were not fully to blame for the accident, then you could claim compensation for your jaw injury. This applies to any drivers, passengers or pedestrians who may suffer a broken jaw in a traffic accident.

There are lots of potential ways that a road traffic accident can lead to a broken jaw. What matters when claiming for your injury is whether another road user can be held liable for the accident that caused it. This can be established by proving the other driver breached The Highway Code or the Road Traffic Act 1988

We can help you with claims for injuries sustained in road traffic accidents too. Simply get in touch with our team to learn how.

Misdiagnosed Fractured And Broken Jaw Injuries

If you see a doctor, your GP or another medical expert because you have symptoms of a broken jaw, it’s reasonable to expect an accurate diagnosis. Sometimes though, a broken jaw may not be diagnosed correctly. Misdiagnosis of this injury can potentially lead to extra problems. If you’re left without proper treatment of your injury, then the symptoms could get worse over time.

One possible way a broken jaw may be misdiagnosed is if the doctor or hospital checking you does not have an x-ray done. Alternatively, an x-ray may have happened but the results were not assessed properly.

You could claim compensation against a medical expert or hospital if it can be proven that they failed to diagnose your broken jaw properly. You can contact UK Law for free specialist advice on making a medical negligence claim.

Do You Handle Broken Jaw Injury Compensation Claims On A No Win No Fee Basis?

If you’re worried about being able to afford legal representation, then we may have just the solution for you. All of the lawyers on our panel work under a No Win No Fee agreement. This means that you won’t be obligated to pay their fees unless they are successful in helping you win your case. They would then be paid in the form of a small percentage taken from your fractured jaw compensation amount.

If your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t need to pay them any fees. There are no hidden fees or upfront costs. No Win No Fee arrangements are put in place so that anyone can afford to hire legal representation should they choose.

You can make a claim without a lawyer. However, having a No Win No Fee legal professional at your side could help you to be awarded the broken jaw compensation that you deserve.

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If you still have any questions about claiming compensation for a jaw injury, then we are happy to help. You can contact UK Law to receive free specialist advice from our panel of lawyers. We can answer any questions you may have about your potential claim. You can reach us through the following methods:

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FAQs About Broken Jaw Injury Compensation

How much does it cost to fix a broken jaw?

The cost of fixing a broken jaw injury is based on certain factors. It depends on how severe the injury is and if the incident which caused the broken jaw damaged other body parts near the jaw.

How serious is a broken jaw?

The severity of a broken jaw injury can vary from case to case. Relatively minor cases of a jaw fracture can lead to full recovery. More severe cases of this injury can lead to long-term or even permanent effects on an individual.

How long does a CICA claim take?

There are no specific timescales set when a claim to CICA is made. A case could take between 12 and 18 months, or it may take less or more time depending on the case’s complexity.

Thank you for reading our guide on broken jaw injury compensation.