Ben’s story

Injuries affect everything you do. Your work, your hobbies and how you choose to spend your free time.

Ben’s injury was caused by an accident at work. It stopped him being able to get out of bed and left him unable to go to work. It meant he didn’t know where the money for his bills was going to come from.

I was in agony. I had to take about two weeks off work. My Dad had to come and help me out of bed because I didn’t have the strength to be able to push myself up.

But above everything, Ben’s injury stopped him being able to do the thing he loves the most – bodyboarding. His injury took away his hobby and his peace of mind.

And in fact, his injury still holds him back to this day.

To us, that feels wrong.

And it felt wrong to Ben too – that’s why he got in contact with us to help him make it right.