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This guide will explain how cycle accident solicitors can help you after a bicycle accident.

Riding a bike is a great way to get about. Cycling is economical and environmentally friendly. Moreover, cycling is a great way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. However, cyclists are vulnerable road users. On average, two cyclists die on UK roads each week. Indeed, if a cycling accident occurs, cyclists are more likely to be killed or seriously injured than those travelling by car.

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A guide about working with cycle accident solicitors

What happens when a cyclist is injured because of an accident that was not their fault? The cyclist may be eligible to claim compensation for their injuries. Our panel of skilled personal injury solicitors can manage your cycle accident claim. You can make a No Win No Fee claim, which means you will not have to pay a success fee if you do not win your claim.

Please note the Whiplash Reforms Programme now applies to road traffic injury claims in England and Wales. However, the new whiplash claims rules do not apply to injured pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycle riders. So your injury claim should not be affected by these rules.

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  3. What Can I Do To Increase My Chances Of Getting Compensation?
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  5. How Much Could Cycle Accident Solicitors Help Me Claim?
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Types Of Cycle Accident Claims

Have you been injured in a cycling accident that was not your fault? Our panel of cycle accident solicitors can help you claim compensation for your injuries. Negligent driving can cause a cyclist accident. Or cycling accidents can also happen because of poor conditions on the road, such as potholes.

If poor conditions on the road cause a bike accident, the cyclist will usually claim against their local council or the Highways Agency, depending on which party is in control of the area.

Let’s look at the causes of cycle accidents and injuries:

  • Cyclist pothole accidents can happen, causing cyclists to fall off their bikes. You may claim against a local council if they are responsible for a cyclist pothole accident.
  • If a driver pulls into a cycle lane, this can cause a cycle lane accident. Drivers can also hit pedestrians when changing lanes or turning at junctions if they do not make the correct observations.
  • Roundabout accidents can happen if vehicles don’t indicate properly at a roundabout, causing collisions. Unfortunately, it can be hard for a driver to see a cyclist on a roundabout.
  • A child cyclist accident can happen because of negligent driving or poor conditions on the roads. Children can be unpredictable and make poor judgements. So, drivers should care when children and young people cycle on the roads.
  • Head-on collisions can happen if a driver pulls out at a junction when it is the cyclist’s right of way. If a driver tailgates a bicycle, this can cause a rear-end collision.

Could Pedestrians Claim With Cycle Accident Solicitors?

The term pedestrian refers to people travelling on foot or using a wheelchair. Road traffic accidents can also involve pedestrians. Sometimes, a cyclist can act irresponsibly. Therefore, a cycling accident can happen, which injures a pedestrian. Cyclists should note that a pedestrian may not respond to them quickly. For example, a pedestrian with hearing problems may not hear a bike bell.

However, sometimes a pedestrian’s negligence may cause a cycling accident. Though pedestrians may use the cycle lane on shared-use paths, they shouldn’t use the cycle lanes on roads.

In reality, it could be difficult to claim against a cyclist if you’re a pedestrian. That’s because many don’t have insurance and it isn’t a requirement for them to have this. It can also be difficult for cyclists to claim against pedestrians if the pedestrian’s negligence causes an injury. They also may not have insurance.

However, some may. Sometimes home insurance can cover pedestrians and cyclists for this.

What Could I Do To Increase My Chances Of Getting Compensation?

You could do the following at the scene of a cycling accident:

  • Stop at the nearest safe place. Help anyone who is injured where possible and call an ambulance if necessary.
  • Exchange contact details between you and anyone else involved in the accident. Please take down the registration number of any other vehicles involved.
  • You should report a road traffic accident to the police within 24 hours of the incident taking place if you’re injured. There is usually a time limit for reporting an accident to your insurance provider.

To make a successful bicycle accident claim, you must prove the following. Firstly, the other party caused an accident on the roads. Therefore, you were not fully at fault in the accident. And secondly, that the road traffic accident caused your injuries. You can collect evidence to support your claim. Please pass on the information to your cycle accident solicitors if you’re using their services.

  • Take photographs of the hazard that caused your accident, if possible.
  • If you have any visible injuries, please photograph them.
  • Photograph and record any damage to your bike or property.
  • Collect CCTV footage or dashcam footage of the accident.
  • Talk to people who witnessed the accident and ask them for their contact details. These individuals may make a supporting statement in the future.
  • Have your injuries treated by a medical professional. Doing so is important for your safety. Your medical records can be evidence if a doctor diagnoses your injuries.
  • Keep evidence of all your expenses relating to your accident.

Who Could Cycle Accident Solicitors Help Me Make A Claim Against?

A cycling accident claim is made against the party that is at fault. Your cycle accident solicitors will help you establish which party is at fault.

The party at fault may be a motorist. Or the party at fault can be another road user, such as another cyclist or a motorbike rider.

In some cases, poor conditions on the road or potholes will cause an accident. Consequently, a local council or a construction company could be responsible for the accident.

If an uninsured or unidentified driver hits and injures you, you would claim compensation through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau. A solicitor can still help you with this, however.

The claimant may also be partially responsible for causing road accidents in some cases. If both parties admit fault, the claimant can make a split liability claim. With a split liability claim, the claimant will receive a fraction of the compensation they could have claimed to account for their part in contributing to the injury. For example, if a cyclist is judged to be 30% at fault, they will receive 70% of the compensation payout.

How Much Could Cycle Accident Solicitors Help Me Claim?

When valuing your claim, a solicitor may use guidelines from the Judicial College and the outcome of your medical assessment. The Judicial College Guidelines is a publication that lists injuries and their varying severities. The medical assessment is an appointment you attend as part of the claims process. An independent medical professional assesses your injuries and creates a report.

You can use our table to determine how much bike accident compensation you can receive for a cycling accident claim. Please note we have based the compensation amounts in this table on figures from the Judicial College. The table does not include estimates for special damages.

Type Of InjuryCategoryDamagesAbout
Head InjuriesModerate Brain Damage (i)£140,870 to £205,580Injuries may result in changes to the personality, a moderate to severe intellectual deficit and may also impact the person's senses such as sight.
Leg InjuriesSevere (iii) Serious£36,790 to £51,460To fit into the bracket, there will generally be a combination of effects such as joint or ligament damage as well as a comminuted or compound fracture.
Facial InjuriesMultiple Facial Fractures (b)£13,970 to £22,470Which leaves the person with some permanent deformities.
Dental Injuries(i)£8,200 to £10,710Compensation for either damage to or the loss of several front teeth.
Fracture of ClavicleSingle Award Level£4,830 to £11,490How much claimants will be awarded depends on the severity and the extent of the fracture.
Back InjuryModerate (i)£26,050 to £36,390This bracket includes many different types of back injury. Claimants may have crush fractures or compression fractures of the lumbar spine or prolapsed intervertebral discs which need to be operated on. They could also have other injuries which reduce mobility.
Knee InjurySevere (ii)£48,920 to £65,440Fractures that extend into the knee joint itself. This may cause constant pain and reduce movement.
Ankle InjurySevere (b)£29,380 to £46,980Damage to the ankle which could cause instability and which could limit movement and use of the ankle. Extensive treatment periods may be necessary.
Neck InjuryModerate (i)£23,460 to £36,120The bracket could include chronic conditions/injuries as well as dislocations or fractured bones which lead to immediate symptoms.
Elbow InjuryLess Severe£14,690 to £30,050Whilst the injury has not caused significant disability nor has it required major surgery, it has impaired use of the elbow.

The amount of compensation you receive can vary. So please feel free to call our claims helpline, and an advisor can value your compensation claim.

If your claim is successful, you can receive up to two different types of cycle accident compensation. Firstly you can receive general damages: compensation for the harm and loss of amenity your injuries have caused.

In some cases, you will also receive special damages. Unfortunately, if you are injured, you may experience unforeseen expenses such as loss of income due to your recovery period. Your special damages compensation will repay you for financial losses caused by your injuries.

You can claim special damages to cover, for example, the following expenses:

  • Funds for medical costs
  • Travel expenses
  • Care costs
  • Funds to purchase mobility equipment
  • Funds to adapt your home or car
  • Reimbursement for loss of your earnings

Start Your Claim With Cycle Accident Solicitors

If a cycling accident that was not your fault has injured you, our panel of solicitors could help you claim compensation. They can proceed with your claim as a No Win No Fee case, so you will not pay a solicitor’s fee before they start to work on your claim.

Instead, you would agree to a Conditional Fee Agreement, which means that you would pay a success fee if you win. If you do not win your compensation claim, you won’t need to pay the success fee.

To see if you can begin your bike accident claim, please get in touch with us using these contact details:

  • Call us on 020 3870 4868 to speak to an advisor.
  • Use our online claims form to contact us in writing.
  • Or ask an advisor a question now. Just type your question into our Live Support widget.

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