Cycle Accident Claims Guide – How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

By Stephen Moreau. Last Updated 6th February 2024. If you have been injured as a cyclist in a road traffic accident, you may be eligible to make a claim for bicycle accident compensation. However, you will need to prove that you suffered your injuries due to another road user breaching their duty of care.

In this guide, we will discuss the duty of care all road users owe, and the types of injuries you could sustain in a cycling accident. Additionally, we will discuss some of the evidence that could be used to help support your cycling accident compensation claim. Furthermore, we will discuss some of the benefits of making a claim with a No Win No Fee solicitor on our panel.

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Bicycle Accident Settlement Amounts In The UK – What Could I Receive? 

If your claim is successful, your bicycle accident compensation could consist of two heads of claim. These are general and special damages

General damages compensate for the pain and suffering that has been caused by your injuries, both physical, psychological or both. When valuing this aspect of your personal injury claim, legal professionals may refer to the guideline compensation brackets found in the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG) to help them. 

In our table below, we’ve included some figures from the 16th edition of the JCG. Due to the differences between claims, it is only to be used as a guideline. The figures also only apply to claims made in England and Wales. Please note that the first entry in the table is an estimated figure that is not taken from the JCG.

Injury Comments On This Injury Possible Settlement
Multiple Serious Injuries With Special Damages If your cycling accident has caused multiple serious injuries, then your compensation may cover all of these and any related special damages, such as loss of earnings. Up to £1,000,000+
Severe Head Injury There may be some ability to follow basic commands and there will be little, if any, evidence of meaningful response to environment, and a need for full time nursing care. £282,010 to £403,990
Chest Injuries (a) Total removal of one lung and serious damage to the heart. £100,670 to £150,110
Severe arm injury Injuries where the victim does not lose the arm, but the effect is extremely similar to this. £96,160 to £130,930
Less severe arm injury Whilst there may be a level of disability, the claimant will have recovered a lot already. £19,200 to £39,170
Fractures of Jaws (ii) Serious fractures where permanent consequences could include paraesthesia and difficulty opening the mouth and eating. £17,960 to £30,490
Digestive System Injuries (a) (i) Serious non-penetrating injury causing long permanent complications £16,790 to
Wrist Injuries (C) There will still be some form of long lasting disability, such as pain and stiffness. £12,590 to £24,500
Fractures of Nose or Nasal Complex (i) Either serious or multiple fractures of the facial bones where there is permanent injury to either the airways, to the facial nerves or to the tear ducts. There may be facial deformities. £10,640 to £23,130

If you would like to know more about bicycle accident settlement amounts in the UK, please contact one of the advisors from our team.

Cycling Injury Claims – Other Compensation

When making a bike accident claim, your compensation may include special damages. If you are eligible, this is a figure that is calculated to reimburse you for losses of a financial nature that have taken place due to your injuries.

Some examples include:

  • Additional care at home – Whether on a short-term or long-term basis, you may require extra help at home whilst you recover.
  • Loss of earnings – Your income may suffer as a result of your injuries. You could reclaim figures associated with your salary, bonuses, pension contributions, and even tips.
  • Damage to property – For example, if your phone or laptop was damaged in the same accident, you could be reimbursed for repairs or replacements.
  • Medical costs – That can include expenses such as prescription medication or even some private healthcare.

Make sure you keep records of these costs in the form of documents such as receipts and payslips. If you have any questions about cycling injury claims, get in touch with our advisors today. We can even give you a valuation of how much cycle accident compensation you could be awarded.

Eligibility Criteria For Cycle Injury Claims

You may have valid grounds to make a bicycle injury claim if the following applies:

  1. Another road user owed you a duty of care.
  2. They breached this duty.
  3. Due to this breach, you suffered an injury as a cyclist.

All road users, which includes cyclists, vehicle drivers and pedestrians, owe a duty of care to each other to avoid causing harm to themselves and others. As part of their duty, road users should adhere to the Road Traffic Act 1988 and the rules set out in the Highway Code.

If another road user were to breach their duty of care, and this caused you to become injured while on your bike, you may have grounds for a valid personal injury claim.

For more advice on the eligibility criteria for cycle accident claims, contact our advisors online or on the phone for free.

Cycle Accident Claims – What Injuries You Could Sustain

Before discussing the average compensation for being knocked off a bike, you might be interested in knowing what injuries you could sustain following a cycle accident. Please note that no matter how you are injured, establishing negligence has caused your injury is crucial when claiming compensation for a bicycle accident.

Injuries can range in severity. For example:

  • If a car knocks you off your bike, you might suffer broken or fractured bones.
  • Hitting the road’s surface due to potholes or another issue may cause road rash or skin abrasions due to the friction.
  • A HGV lorry might crash into you and cause a crush injury.
  • Bruising or cuts might stem from the impact of a crash.
  • You could suffer mental health problems from the trauma of the incident, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

For free advice regarding bicycle accident claims, connect with our advisors at any time. They can discuss your injuries at no extra cost to you. Additionally, if you seek legal guidance, you could be connected to our panel of specialist cycle accident solicitors.

How Much Time Do I Have To Claim Cyclist Accident Compensation?

Under the Limitation Act 1980, the time limit for cycle accident claims is typically three years, beginning from the date the accident occurred.

This time limit can work differently under certain circumstances. It will be frozen indefinitely if the injured party lacks the mental capacity to start their own claim. A litigation friend could make a cycling accident claim on the injured party’s behalf while the time limit is frozen. If this doesn’t happen and the injured party later regains this mental capacity, then that injured party will have three years to start a claim from the day of recovery.

If a child is injured in a cycling accident, then the time limit for starting a claim will be put on hold until they turn 18. A claim could be started on the child’s behalf by a litigation friend prior to their 18th birthday. Alternatively, the injured party will have three years to start their own claim from the date of their 18th birthday.

For more advice on your eligibility to start a claim for cycling injuries, you can contact our advisors for free either online or by calling us.

Cycling Accident Claims – Do I Need Evidence?

You will need evidence in order to successfully claim cycle accident compensation. In cycling accident claims, the injured party needs to prove that they were injured due to negligence. The duty of care all road users owe each other is set out in the Road Traffic Act 1988 and the Highway Code. Additionally, a valid cycle accident compensation claim requires proof of injury.

Supporting evidence for a bicycle accident claim could include:

  • Medical records.
  • CCTV footage, dashcam/doorbell footage, or mobile phone footage.
  • A police report.
  • Witness contact details.
  • Photographs of the accident site or injury.

A specialist road traffic accident solicitor could help you by collecting statements from witnesses or appealing for footage of the accident.

Call our advisors to discuss what evidence could be supplied to successfully claim bicycle accident claim payouts.

Cycle Accident Claims – No Win No Fee Solicitors

You could claim cycle accident compensation with the support of a No Win No Fee solicitor. They could offer you a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). This is a type of No Win No Fee arrangement.

When claiming cyclist accident compensation with a No Win No Fee solicitor, they will generally not charge you an upfront solicitor’s fee. If your bicycle accident claim is successful, a success fee will be taken from your award. The amount that can be taken is legally capped. When a cyclist accident compensation claim isn’t successful, then you won’t be required to pay your solicitor.

Call our advisors to discuss cyclist accident claims. If you have an eligible claim for cycle accident compensation, you could be connected to a solicitor from our panel. To get in touch:

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We hope this guide has been helpful and clarified how a cyclist accident claim works.

If you have any further questions, our advisers may be able to help you if you get in touch. They are available for free claims consultations and could speak to you directly to help you better understand your potential cycling accident claim and the compensation you could receive

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We hope this guide helps if you’re looking to claim cyclist hit by car compensation.